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Sigrid 28. August 2017

Wenn Sie den Test bearbeiten, bitte folgendes beachten:

• Der Test umfasst 60 Fragen, deshalb bitte Zeitlimit setzen: max. 45 Minuten
• bitte zügig und nach Sprachgefühl ausfüllen
• es ist immer eine Antwort gesucht
• wenn Sie sich bei einer Frage unsicher sind, dann bitte nichts ankreuzen
• sollten Sie ca. fünf Fragen nacheinander nicht mehr beantworten können, dann brechen Sie den Test bitte ab
• nach Abschluss des Tests erhalten Sie bei Eingabe Ihrer E-Mailadresse eine E-Mail mit Ihren erreichten Punkten

Ein wichtiger Hinweis:

Dieser Test kann durch Firewall-Einstellungen auf Ihrem Rechner oder Ihrem Server / dem Server Ihrer Firma blockiert sein.

Wenn Sie den Test nicht starten können, bitte einfach von einem anderen Rechner (außerhalb des aktuellen Netzwerks) aus versuchen oder den Papiertest machen.

Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Spaß beim Ausfüllen!

Ihr IKS Team

Ihre Daten:

Name, Vorname Firma E-Mail (wird auschließlich zur Einstufung verwendet) Telefon (tagsüber erreichbar)
1. „Hello, how are you?“ – „ _____“

At a train station: Tourist: “Excuse me, please. How can I get to London?” Assistant: “Well, you could take the coach or the train. It’s ____ to take the coach, but the train is ____ .”

3. „____ she from?“ – „ From Munich.“
4. „What’s Eddie and Kate’s address?“ – „____ address is 20, Hill Street.“
5. “Are you ____ analyst?”
6. He ____ at 6 o’clock
7. Sarah likes bananas, but she ____ kiwis.
8. “I think that Italy is ___ Spain.”
9. “We’ve got ____ good chocolates, but we haven’t got ____ nice cake.”
10. “I’d like ____ more cream, please.”
11. “Last year I ___ to the USA.”
12. “I ____ much last night.”
13. “_____ Sally last month?”
14. “What are your plans for this evening?” – “I’m not sure yet. I think ____ at home.”
15. “What’s he doing at the moment?” –“He ___ a movie.”
16. He___ home from work at six o’clock every day.
17. “______ a foreign language?” –“Yes, two. Spanish and Italian.”
18. “You ___ take the bus. I can pick you up”
19. “Look at the clouds. ____ in a minute.”
20. “I ______ everywhere before I got a car.”
21. “I’ll meet you ___.”
22. “_____ a wild boar in the park?”
23. She ____ those emails for the last two hours.
24. “When did you arrive in this country?” –“In Winter. I ____ here _____ about three months.”
25. “Last year we ___ our holidays in France.”
26. “Do you remember the car ____ I had last year?” Welche der folgenden Lösungen ist falsch?
27. „I ______ a film when the phone _____.“
28. When she got home, she found that she ____ her umbrella at the restaurant.
29. Den folgenden Satz kann man umformulieren: „Lisa speaks fluent Italian.“ Welcher der folgenden Sätze ist grammatikalisch korrekt?
30. Normally Sally is a very ____ driver, but yesterday when I went to work with her she didn’t drive very ____, but ____ ______.
31. “I don’t feel very well at the moment.” –“You don’t look well. If I ___ you, I’d go and see a doctor.”
32. “When will we arrive back home?” –“If we ___ now, we ___ back at 3 o’clock.”
33. “If I ___ a lot of money, I _____ a horse.”
34. “Hi, Lisa. I met Paul yesterday. He told me that he ____ really lucky the day before. He ____ to play cards and ____ 100€. He said he really ____ the money for a new pair of sunglasses, but that he would rather spend it on pizza.”
35. Roads and other public expenses ______ from our taxes.
36. Die folgende Aussage kann man auch anders schreiben: „The government spent a million dollars on this programme.“ Welche der folgenden Aussagen entspricht der obigen?
37. The rooms ____ right at this moment.
38. “A taxi is ____ the bus.”
39. “____ you give me some butter, please?”
40. “How much bread is there?” –“There’s ____ bread left, three or four loaves.”
41. “Who was that?” –“Oh, an old friend ____.”
42. “Do you see those big houses over there? Well, they ___ pulled down to build the new airport.”
43. When Garry came back to the car, he found he _____ given a parking ticket.”
44. If she ____ the seat belt, she ____ died.
45. “Will I feel better soon, Doctor?” –“Well, you ___ smoke for a few weeks, but you ___ go to bed, just relax a bit an come and see me again in a week.”
46. “This time my friends drank ___wine than at our last party.”
47. “I don’t really like grapes.” –“_____”
48. “You haven’t left the test at home, ____?”
49. “Do you iron your shirts yourself or ___?” –“Oh, it depends.”
50. “I couldn’t hear what he was ____ on the telephone.”
51. BS is a company in England which manufactures luxury-grade shirts. Up to now the company has concentrated on selling through the “Far East Shirt Corporation” to large importers, such as department stores. The contract with “Far East” will soon run out. BS now requires a sales representative not only to keep up sales, but also to expand sales in Japan and Hong Kong, and to introduce new products, for example, giftware, travel goods and clothing. Further they would also have to look into the possibility of starting selling goods in Singapore. No particular qualifications are required, apart from some sales experience. The salary ranges from $40 000 to $ 50 000 per annum.
Welche der folgenden Aussagen (Mehrfachnennungen möglich) sind falsch ?
52. “Hello, Peter. I can’t be sure I’ll be home in time for dinner. I ____ be late.”
53. “Sometimes I wish I ____ more time to play the piano.”
54. Nigel: I forgot ① you, Susanne stopped ②.
Mike: Oh wow. Whatever made her decide ③ that?
Nigel: It’s impossible ④ but she promised not ⑤ again.
55. Extracts from a newspaper article about a bank robbery.
The police are said ① part of the stolen money. The thieves are thought ② in a panic. The robbers are still thought ③ in the country.
56. The bank has had a bad year, and will therefore not be ___ any new staff.
57. He had no ____ of causing trouble.
58. “I ___ here ___ ages. Where ____?”
59. “Excuse me, do you ___ me bringing my friend to the party?”
60. Welches Wort gehört nicht in die jeweilige Gruppe?

Strange Peculiar Common Odd

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